Renovation Reality

holly on hummingbird-bathroom renovation

I have been so consumed with this bathroom renovation project, but unfortunately, I’ve been bitten by renovation reality.

In my last post, I talked about how we’ve been somewhat forced into remodeling the master bathroom sooner that we planned. To say that the planning alone is a lot of work is an understatement! I had no idea how much effort would be involved with just getting the project started.

Homeownership is constantly teaching me something new, and I love it! Sometimes these projects are a piece of cake, and other times we’re way in over our heads. In this case, I thought I new what to expect and was just way wrong! HGTV shows make it all look so simple, which is another reason it stings when renovation reality sets in.

I thought we’d call a contractor or two, get a bid, pick out some building materials and then we’d have a brand new bathroom in a matter of weeks. From the beginning of that sentence to the end, I wasn’t even close.

As it turns out, finding a contractor is hard work.

I mean, hard work.

I just counted up the number of contractors I’ve met with over the past several weeks. Eleven.  Well, nine if you don’t count the two that never showed up for our appointment. Out of the nine contractors I actually met with, only five of them have actually submitted proposals–the others just fell off the face of the earth.

master bath renovation - holly on hummingbird

Master renovation - floor plan - holly on hummingbird

I thought that we’d be able to find a contractor rather quickly and then be able to get started within a couple of weeks. Some guys were scheduling appointments 2-3 weeks out just for the consultation! And, there were many GCs that were scheduling projects to start into November/December. Even though we did the work up front to have space plans drawn up, some of these guys took three weeks just to get the proposal to me.

It’s no secret that I have expensive taste. But, even with an extremely budget-conscious approach, this remodeling project turned out to be twice as expensive as we thought.

Twice as expensive.

The first bid we got was for $12,500. The second was for $36K even (I’m sorry–what?!) After the third bid came in around $25,000 we reached out to our space planner for a second floor plan that didn’t include adding on a powder room, in hopes that limiting the plumbing changes would help with the cost.



holly on hummingbird - bathroom renovation- floor planMaster Bathroom Floor Plan2.1-Holly on Hummingbird


The renovation reality is that it costs $15K-$20K to redo a master bathroom. Not $10K like we had hoped.

So, what now?

Well, it just doesn’t make sense to do this right now. As much as we tried to fight it, the reality is that we’re going to have to tear down some walls to rebuild them to tear them back down later. And I’ll have to get over it.

The good news is, we can continue to save our money and do the renovation as we had originally planned when the time is right. The bad news is, the only thing I have to show you until then are these amazing drawings of our future bathroom by Kat Black Designs.

holly on hummingbird-master bath renovation drawing

3d drawing-bathroom renovation-holly on hummingbird

Holly on Hummingbird Powder Bath - renovation