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About Me-Texas home remodeling

Hi! I’m Holly and I just bought a fixer-upper on Hummingbird.

After living in Denver for about four years, I was ready to head back home to Texas.  My long-time boyfriend (Mike) and I decided to list our house, and within 24 hours it (and most of our furniture) went to the highest bidder.

We crammed ourselves into 700 square feet with our two large dogs for six months while we found a new place to call home.  After months of looking, several offers and everything falling perfectly into place, we finally moved into our house on Hummingbird Trail in late April, 2015. This 1980s fixer-upper has huge potential, but it’s going to take a lot of work and vision.

I am motivated and excited to make this house our home, but we aren’t wealthy–we’ll be making updates over time and transforming our home room by room. My goal is to share this experience and inspire others with great ideas. I’m the master of finding a great deal, and an expert on figuring out how to cut costs. I have a great eye for design but still value efficiency and practicality. I’m excited to share this with you!


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More about me:

I’m a native to the Pacific Northwest, but I call Texas home. I moved to Dallas fourteen years ago, at the ripe age of seventeen. For eleven of those fourteen years, Mike and I have lived together.

I’m inspired by pretty things and I like to make things pretty. I had initially set out to become a big-shot in the fashion industry, but life got in the way. Ultimately, I’ve ended up in marketing at a software company here in Dallas. One of my dear girlfriends said it best one time, “You’re great at just putting things together.” I believe that’s true.  Whether it’s my outfits or helping with a wedding, or decorating my home, I’m great at putting things together.

The loves of my life are Duke and Stella–our two Tamaskans.  Stella is 6 and Duke is about to be 5.  Stella is fierce. She’s sassy and smart, and totally independent.  She’s also as sweet as can be.  Duke is a mess. He will forever think he’s a puppy–he jumps on people and begs for belly rubs.  He chases and barks at school busses, but runs and hides when I pick up the tongs. He’s seriously adorable–the most loving little guy you’ll ever meet.

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